Religious Leaders Unite in Haridwar for the Satya Dharam Samvad

In a groundbreaking gathering, more than 25 religious leaders including Swamis, Mata, Acharyas, Pujaris, Gurus, and Sadhvis from all over India convened to discuss the tenets of Hinduism on September 16-17, 2023, in Haridwar, India, to discuss and discern the current trajectory of Hinduism. This brand new initiative, the Satya Dharam Samvad, was inspired to organize its first assembly in response to the December 2021 Dharma Sansad, where hate speech and calls for violence against the Muslim community contravened the essential principles of Hinduism. Religion is being used to incite riots among Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Jains, etc. In the face of such hatred, Swami Raghavendra felt that something meaningful should be done in the present climate. It is after consulting many sages and saints, that Matri Sadan and Satya Dharam Samvad jointly organized the Haridwar Dharma-Sansad 2023. In the coming months, Satya Dharam Samvad will interact with religious leaders in different areas of India in order to expose people who misinterpret religion and promote hate.

Swami Raghavendra, a prominent spiritual leader in attendance, said, “In these tumultuous times, it’s crucial to revisit our roots and embrace the core principles of Hinduism – love, compassion, and harmony. We cannot let misguided interpretations take us off the path of our sacred hymns and scriptures.”

Strongly rooted in Gandhian principles, the Satya Dharam Samvad serves as a beacon, aiming to connect individuals on a deeper human level. This initiative has been established to counter the rising atmosphere of Hinduphobia and to champion the message of unity and brotherhood across all castes and communities.

Korneshwar Swami, a respected cleric expressed “Hinduism is not about division; it’s about unity in diversity. Today, more than ever, we need to remember that and work collectively to form a society that upholds the values of love over hate, and sees every individual as equal.”

Acknowledging the complex nature of the challenges facing Hinduism, the conference delved into various aspects, from the misinterpretation of scriptures to the politicization of religious ideologies. Leaders emphasized the need for a more holistic understanding of the religion, calling for increased inter-faith dialogue and unity.

Mahant Rajendra Tripathi, a spiritual leader, said, “Those who spread hatred against a particular community in the name of organising Dharma Sansads are not Hindu priests but businessmen.”

Sadhvi Chandrakala Sahib echoed this sentiment, stating, “While Hinduism is facing its challenges, it’s our collective responsibility to ensure that its essence – love, compassion, and tolerance – remains untouched. Let’s not be political Hindus; let’s be spiritual Hindus.”

The resolutions set forth by the Satya Dharam Samvad are clear and resonate with the core principles of Hinduism. By advocating for a victory of love over hate, championing human equality, promoting peace among all religions, and aiming for a casteless society, the initiative is setting a robust course for the future of Hinduism.

Drawing deeply from the revered teachings of Acharya Swami Ramanand and his disciple, poet Ravidas, the participants of Satya Dharam Samvad are galvanized with a resolute vision: to foster a casteless society. They embrace Ramanand’s timeless wisdom, “No caste is asked, no one worships Hari, so Hari ka hoi,” underscoring that in the divine realm, all souls are equal. Inspired further by Ravidas’s poignant prose — the leaders are committed to eradicating these divisive lines. Taking cues from the profound insights of such venerable figures, the samvad stands unwavering in its mission to champion unity, inclusivity, and the rich tapestry of teachings that call for love and understanding above all.

About Satya Dharam Samvad: Satya Dharam Samvad is a non-political organization working towards spreading the message of fraternity and compassion through engagement with religious leaders and authorities. Founded by compassionate Acharyas of the Hindu religion, the initiative seeks to foster peace, love, and harmony, especially in these challenging times.

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