Hindu philosophy is one of the oldest and largest philosophies in the world. The flow and flexibility of its huge stream has been attracting the people of the whole world, the relativity of the country and time has kept it intact even in adverse circumstances. The Hindu religion and philosophy have promoted themselves from time to time, taking their source from the continuation of the Vedic period to the Upanishad period, continuing to the saint poets of the medieval period.
Today's era is challenging for India and Hinduism, it is like an existential crisis for Hinduism as it is eroding its basic nature of tolerance day by day. It's obvious that when we talk about Hinduism, we mean its followers. Is there any special difference between a fundamentalist and us? No. Are we following the path of our hymns and scriptures or just becoming political Hindus? There are many questions that indicate an existential crisis.
To answer these questions, we take a pledge to integrate human society on the thread of truth, love, compassion and harmony in the true spirit of religion.

Satya Dharma Samvaad is a project to connect man to man. It is a non-political organisation whose work is to share the message of fraternity and compassion with religious leaders and authorities. At a time when Hinduism is being questioned, it is critical to protect humanity, India, and Hinduism; which is revered across the globe because of its gentle nature, but unfortunately due to wrong and violent interpretations by some of its presenters, an atmosphere of Hinduphobia is being created, and a caste-based society is being sought. The project was initiated by the compassionate Acharyas of the Hindu religion to counter this hatred.
Our resolutions are-

- Victory of love over hate-
- All humans are equal-
- Peace among all religions-
- Formation of a casteless society
In our country i.e. in the land of India, there has been a belief that when hatred, enmity, violence and adultery etc. increase on the earth, the impersonal God incarnates in a corporeal form and strengthens the worldly system by alleviating the problems of the earth. Are we being devotees and a part of that God; As Yogeshwar Krishna has said in the Gita - ‘Mamaivansho Jiva Loke Jeevbhuta: Sanatan’ - That is, the living being is a part of me, is it not our duty then to love everyone and attain our own nature. Love is our basic nature, all the nocturnal beings or terrorists in mythology spread only hatred, but God himself is the form of love and ultimately love wins. From this point of view we can see the story of Kansa, Ravana, etc.
There is a caste structure in the society like a banana plant and humans cannot create mutual harmony until the caste is gone. Taking inspiration from the life philosophy of such saints, we resolve for a casteless society.

Devarshi writes in the Narad Bhakti Sutra that love is Bhakti's (devotion to God) foundation, and Goswami Tulsidas writes in the Ramcharitmanas, what Shri Ram is most fond of - "Ram Hi Keval Prem Pyara". A person who has come to know that Ram ji only treasures love becomes wise just by knowing this. Hindu philosophy is replete with such innumerable quotations.

India's present situation is concerning, and by joining forces we can prevent future calamities; The crisis of humanity is the reason Hindu religious leaders need to be more active. Our mission is to propagate truth, love, compassion and defeat hatred based on Hindu philosophy. We call on you to join our movement and become an ally of human progress.
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